Networks & Mobile Radio


Our mission in mobile division is the realization of Turnkey    network GSM / UMTS and other services to response to      the customers requirements:

  • Implementation of network turnkey GSM / UMTS.
  • Acquisition and Design Site.
  • Engineering civil works.
  • Services BSS.
  • Supervision, Quality Control and Reception.


Radio Relay

  • Radio Engineering.
  • Installation of antennas FH.
  • Test and Integration FH.
  • Design, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning services for PDH and SDH technologies.

Services micro-waves

  • Installation of antennas
  • Installation of the fiber
  • Test and Integration
  • Engineering.
  • Civil engineering, installation and connection.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning.

Other services

  • Switching and test (BSC, MSC …)
  • Implementation NMS and loop
  • Installation and integration of MSAN
  • Cabling

Optical Fiber

  • Civil work for Fiber
  • Laying, blowing and installation of optical fiber
  • Measure and test

Service support and project management

Planning and Consulting

  • Process Management.
  • Network Analysis.
  • Quality Analysis and Optimization.
  • Design and configuration of systems.
  • Approval.
  • Technological.

Service support and project management

Project Management

  • Design specification projects.
  • Expansion Projects.
  • Documentation.


  • On-site or remotely.
  • Hotline.
  • Dispatching.
  • Level 2 support engineers


  • Repair and troubleshooting.
  • Hardware Modification.
  • Software Update.

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